Solo Auditions

NOTE: Crowd surfing not required


Where: Jill’s backyard. 963 Hudson Street, Denver 80220

If you are interested in auditioning for a solo, please email Clara at so we can get an idea of how many people to expect.

What to Expect

  • You will be singing outside into a microphone
  • Jill or Caleb will accompany you on the keyboard, and a couple of Voices Rock leaders will be there to listen
  • You should be prepared to tell us what 2-3 solo portions you’re most interested in. We will not have enough time to hear you sing every excerpt. We want to hear what you want us to hear!
  • You may have to wait a bit, depending on how many people show up.
  • We may ask you to do a callback after we’ve heard everyone. This will NOT be on Sunday. If we need to hear you sing again, it will be before or after your regular Monday or Tuesday rehearsal. We’ll let you know!

How to Prepare

  • Look through the attached list of solo opportunities and listen to both the performance versions on Dropbox and the original versions by the artists.
  • Practice a lot!

Can’t make it in-person?

We are accepting video auditions until Wednesday, Nov. 17. Prop up your phone on something, stand back from it a few feet, and sing your favorite solo portions. Sing them more than once if you like! Email video auditions to Clara at or text them to 630-363-1393.

If you have any questions, please contact Clara using the email or phone above.