Voices Rock Adult Choir FAQ

How do I join Voices Rock?

If you are ready to jump in , you are welcome to register for a session HERE. Once you complete the basic information form, you will be invited to complete the full registration through Chorus Connection.

Do I have to audition or read music?

NO! We are a non-audition, come as you are choir. The only thing you need to have is a love of music and the desire to meet new people in a fun and relaxed environment.

Can I find out what we are singing before the session?

Nope. 🙂 We do the big reveal at the first rehearsal. We promise there is something for everyone. Selecting the music is an incredibly extensive process that takes many things into consideration. It’s a science, really!

What is the age limit?

The minimum age requirement for our adult Voices Rock Choir is 17  (although our singers tend to range in age from late 20’s to 96 years of age!). For children in 3rd-8th grade we have our VR2 choir.

What sort of songs do you sing? How many songs do we learn each term?

We usually sing a minimum of 5 songs per term and our repertoire includes rock, pop and modern songs. We sing songs you and even your children/grandchildren listen to on the radio!

What if I have to miss a rehearsal during the session?

We are sorry you will not be joining us and only need to know if you will be absent for an extended period of time (because we will worry about you!) Once you join, you can listen to our songs on Drop Box which can be found in the music section of your Chorus Connection account. You can also jump over to any other location for rehearsals if you want some make-up sessions or just want more singing time. 

If I have questions, who can I reach out to?

For questions about music, please reach out to individual choir director. 

For questions about Voices Rock or logistical questions, please email info@voicesrock.com

How do I know when and where rehearsals and performances are held?

Schedules can be found by clicking on the page for each choir. Additionally, once you registered, we ask that you subscribe to the calendar which will download all rehearsal and performance information into your calendar on a phone and/or computer.

How much is the session fee?The session free for all choirs $285 per person for the 13 week session (11 rehearsals, dress rehearsal and concert)

What are the Payment methods?

You can pay for your membership by credit card when you register. If you are unable to make your payment online, please contact us at info@voicesrock.com to make alternative arrangements.

Can I pay in Installments?

Yes! You can select the monthly payment plan at checkout which will divide your session fee into three monthly payments.

What do the fees cover?

The fees cover the costs of paying the professional choir deaders; accompanists, rehearsal space, performance venues; music, performing licenses for all the songs that we use; copyright fees to the publishers; recording of backing tracks; maintenance of our website; business taxes, liability insurance and other administrative costs and general expenses incurred in the day to day running of a business.

Do you offer discount/scholarships?

Voices Rock offers a student rate for full-time, currently enrolled students. We are committed to ensuring that anyone can join regardless of their financial situation. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please complete the scholarship form here.

Will I get a refund if I don’t attend all the sessions in the term?

We are happy to offer refunds minus a $30.00 administrative fee if you decide you are unable to attend the session after the first rehearsal. After that, with the exception of personal or family health emergencies, we do not offer refunds. Refunds are only provided in cases of medical emergencies, family care situations, or loss of job, and will be pro-rated as fairly as possible.

COVID REFUND POLICY: If we are unable to complete the session in-person due to Covid, we will move to virtual rehearsals but will not be able to offer refunds due to sunk costs we pay to start up the session.

Do I have to perform, and do I pay to be part of the performances/events?

Performing is not mandatory but it sure is a ton of fun! If you know at the start of the session that you will not be joining us for the performance, please let us know. You are welcome to sing with us and not perform at the concert.

There are no additional cost to take part in the main session performance for Voices Rock. We ask that you invite your friends and family to come see what a ROCK STAR you are and to enjoy a fantastic and fun performance. Tickets to our concerts range from $25-$30 depending on the venue.

Can I bring my music to the stage for the performance?

We perform off book meaning at a certain point, you will know the songs SO WELL (we promise) that you won’t need the music and our directors will give you everything you need to be the rock star that you on at the show.

What will I wear to the performance?

We usually dress in all black for our performances. In the summer we may require a Voices Rock t-shirt which is an additional charge. Don’t worry, you will want one anyway because they are soft and very cool!

What are the concerts like?

Our concerts are a hot ticket because they are FUN! We always sell out and the show generally lasts about one hour. All our choirs come together to perform and we also have a few songs from our younger rock starts from VR2. Additionally, we have a small (audition only) choir who might open the show with three songs to get the party started! 

Can we hire your choir?

We love to perform and have a variety of ways we can make any event extra special.

If you would like to book Voices Rock for an event, please contact us at info@voicesrock.com for more information.