The Voices Rock Supplementals

The Supplementals are an additional choir experience within Voices Rock. The Supps take on more performances – sometimes rather suddenly – and perform additional songs beyond the choir’s repertoire. It’s a fun and challenging commitment.

Membership is limited, and subject to prior approval. Here are the general requirements:

  1. Must have a strong singing background (high school or college choir, etc).
  2. Ability to read music:  Specifically understanding rhythm and note values as well as basic melodic reading.
  3. Must be able to move at a quick pace and handle more difficult music than our main choirs.
  4. Must have good vocal range and be flexible in voice parts.
  5. Must be able to blend well (i.e. no overwhelming vibrato, too loud or singing over others, and advanced listening skill set).
  6. Availability to attend most rehearsals and performances.  Things come up quickly.  We need quick responses and willingness to be flexible.
  7. Must sing in the Park Hill, Highlands or Colfax @ The Sie choirs.

If you meet all of the above requirements, and are interested in pursuing membership, please reach out to Jill Teas directly at

Membership in The Supplementals requires prior approval.